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Business landscape is constantly evolving everyday with increasing need of risk assessment, regulatory compliances, globalisation of financial services and escalating cross-border transactions (mergers and acquisitions). As a result, businesses are finding it increasingly difficult to adhere to global compliances and manage business complexities.

With our expertise in corporate and tax laws and advisory services, we deliver value by combining knowledge of local laws, qualitative research and grass-root intelligence, and act as catalyst for growth of business. Our scale, reach and intellectual capital enables us to develop relationships and deliver effective responses. Our customised approach has been appreciated by our clients as evidenced by their continued trust and confidence in us.

At S. JAYKISHAN, we create value for clients through our intelligent and fervent intervention. Our firm of Chartered Accountants has the perfect balance of knowledge and experience to deal with the ever changing business scenario. Our service strategy, fine-tuned over four decades, integrates three powerful forces:

a) The ability to provide a process driven approach, customized to meet specific client requirements;

b) The continuity of professional service that comes from high staff retention rates and rewarding of new talent.

c) A culture of integrity, exploration, innovation and client satisfaction.

KnowledgeBase – Recent Articles

Merger of Limited Liability Partnership and Company

Merger of Limited Liability Partnership and Company – An Analysis

–  CA Vivek Newatia

–  CS Khushboo Jain

This article highlights the proposition of a LLP or firm merging into a company a landmark judgement passed by the National Company Law Tribunal, Chennai Bench.

Reaping the benefits of a merger or acquisition is a tricky business. Outcomes are uncertain, previously unknown or unimportant facts suddenly emerge as critical, and there are many moving parts to control. The article primarily discusses on the facts of the [...] Read More >>

‘High risk’ NBFC’s due to PMLA non-compliance

‘High risk’ NBFC’s due to PMLA non-compliance

– By Ishanah Santhalia

The Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) has released a list of 9,491 NBFCs that have been categorized as ‘high-risk’ due to non-compliance of one of the stipulated conditions mentioned in the PMLA Act and Rules. According to the FIU, these 9,491 NBFCs did not comply with the conditions of appointing a Principal Officer responsible to check and report suspicious transactions and cash transactions of 10 Lakhs and above and [...] Read More >>

Compliance with RBI reporting for FDI

Compliance with RBI reporting for FDI

– By Khushboo Jain

To strengthen two of the major agendas currently being perused by the Government of India i.e. “Identification of Beneficial Ownership” and “Ease of Doing Business”, The Reserve Bank of India (“RBI”), apex Central Bank of India, in pursuance of regulation of foreign capital flows, has issued a Circular No. 30 dated June 7, 2018, streamlining the reporting requirement for entities which presently have Foreign capital contribution and/or entities contemplating to have foreign investments.

In this [...]

KYC of Directors by MCA

KYC of Directors by MCA

– By Aditi Jhunjhunwala   – Nirali Gosaliya Vasa 

In its recent move to eradicate the shell companies Government has yet taken another move by introduction of Rule 12A and amendment to existing Rules of Companies (Appointment and Qualification of Directors) Rules, 2018 wherein Government seeks to ensure that the management is being run by directors who are qualified enough to act as such and accordingly seeks to identify the shadow directors. While the move is a welcome move in light [...] Read More >>

Impact of Ind AS on Minimum Alternate Tax (MAT)

Impact of Ind AS on Minimum Alternate Tax (MAT)

– By CA Niketa Agarwal

As the book profit based on Ind AS compliant financial statement is likely to be different from the book profit based on existing Indian GAAP, the CBDT constituted a committee in June, 2015 for suggesting the framework for computation of MAT liability under section 115JB for Ind AS compliant companies in the year of adoption and thereafter. On 22nd December, 2016, the Committee submitted its final report after [...] Read More >>